Cathleen Reusser
Town Supervisor, Chief Financial Officer

Cassandra D’Agostino
Clerk to the Supervisor

Jeffrey Allott Deputy Supervisor

Contact the Town
518-873-6555 (phone)
518-873-9584 (fax)

Court 518-873-2047

Highway 518-873-2020

Janet Cross
Town Clerk, Registrar, Tax Collector

Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 2:00pm

Paige Cotter Saltamach
Deputy Town Clerk, Town Assistant

Town Council:
Jeffrey Allott
Benjamin Morris
William Wright Jr.
Adam Bailey

Code Officer: Gordon Costin, 518-637-5620
Assessor: Bruce Caza, 518-569-0799
Animal Control: Todd Christian 518-524-5932
Justices: Richard Olcott, Peter Deming 518-873-2047
DPW Superintendent Jack Pulsifer, (cell) 518-618-5872
Deputy DPW Superintendent: George Saltamach
Town Health Officer: Charles S Moisan, MD
Water Administrator: David Dickinson, cell518-275-8183

Funeral Directors ONLY After Hours: 518-637-3842

The town is in the process of updating our website. Please check back for more information at a later date.