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Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA) 2019 End of Year Report


Blueberry Hill Trail /    Blueberry Hill Trail - Map


     *Joel Harwood Memorial Trail

     To offer assistance please contact:

                  Wayne Shepard

                   Telephone: (518) 962-4467 / Email

Cobble Hill Golf Course      


Elizabethtown-Lewis Youth Commission - Town of Lewis

Elizabethtown Social Center

Fishing Derby 


Footbridge Park


Lincoln Pond NYS DEC Campground


Map of Hiking Trails Near Elizabethtown


Otis Mountain Get Down


Pauline Murdock’s Bird Sanctuary Map & Information


Town of Elizabethtown Skating Rink - Noble Terrace

Year Round Destination

Town of Elizabethtown

New York

Town Hall (18) 873-6555 / Court (518) 873-2047

Fax (518) 873-9584 /