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Donations can be made to:

Town of Elizabethtown

C/o Joel Harwood’s Memorial Trail

PO Box 265

   Elizabethtown, New York 12932


Wayne Shepard (518) 962-4467 or Email

to offer assistance on Joel’s Trail.

Pauline Murdock’s Bird Sanctuary

Map & Information


Elizabethtown - Year 1901 - Topographic

North East           North West          South East            South West

Elizabethtown - Year 1903 - Topographic

North East           North West          South East            South West

 Elizabethtown - 1955 - Topographic

North East          North West           South East            South West


Aerial Map of Elizabethtown (August 2004)


Adirondack Park Blue Line Map





Elizabethtown Street Map

Township Map                                                     

Footbridge Park 

Blueberry Hill Trail

Town of Elizabethtown

New York

Town Hall (18) 873-6555 / Court (518) 873-2047

Fax (518) 873-9584 /